Isabella MacLeod

Isabella MacLeod is a former R.N. of twenty-two years with numerous specialties. She is a Canadian author who resides in Nova Scotia. A mother of two adult children, and an author of 3 other books. The books previously published books include,” Metamorphosis” in 2015,” Nano”, in 2019 The Continuation, and finally “Transhuman”, The Final Chapter in this series of books. Isabella is also a Best-Selling Amazon Author and is a Co-author of a book “Complete Self Care, 25 Tools For Happiness”. She Wrote Chapter two-“Positive Mantras”, Overcome Adversity With Powerful Self Talk ,by Anna Pereira. Isabella was a winner of third place in “The Saba Book Awards” in London England in 2020.Published in “Focus On Women “magazine in 2015.Isabella is a Morgellons sufferer as well as chronic Lyme disease. She has participated in research with the CEHF. She is an speaker on these topics as well as Nanotechnology and Targeted Individuals and Non Consensual Bio-experimentation. Isabella is committed to bring awareness to the public on all of these very important issues.